Nena’s Legacy of Love

Memories of my grandmother Nena fill our hand crafted Mexican dishes.

My family loves sharing with our community the best traditional Mexican cuisine thru out the Pacific North West, with all the old Mexico flavors found in great Mexican cuisine.  Our most popular dishes are refreshingly simple and bold menu items, with daily specials that are sure to please.
There is a  joy of celebrating our family's rich history of  generational handed down recipes.

"The story behind "Nena's  Mexican Grill."
( pronounced Neh-nahs)  "Nena",  was the Matriarch of my maternal side of our close knit family,  always loving on us thru her traditional homemade classic dishes. You would always find Nena's food at a family wedding, a child's birthday, at  funerals,  family reunions, or a family member graduating high school.

Big platters of her delicious food filled tables as we were welcoming back "uncle Hugo" (" Nena's  youngest son )"home on leave" as he proudly defended our country.
Uncle Hugo would always get a warm family and close friend welcoming ,  our proud soldier,  uncle Hugo US Army Ranger. She would welcome her son with her food.
Nena was the unofficial go to caterer within our big and diverse,  multicultural family.
As a young child I remember spending my summers visiting and carefully watching "Nena " quickly welcome a neighbor,  a friend , a family member , my young  cousins  or even a stranger always loving on people with her food.

Her home would always  have such wonderful aromas, allowing me to feel loved and welcomed with such wonderful smells  and flavors. I  couldn't wait for us to sit at the table and begin to eat always saying a grace before each meal, reminding me how blessed we were to experience such great food .

I would gaze with total  excitement watching her craft her large tall  stacks  of home made handcrafted flour tortillas,  one by one using a large iron skillet with a stick of creamy butter nearby,  all of us kids waiting on her to finish cooking these family famous flour tortillas  Nena's prepared  freshly right before our eyes and with a single quick glance she would say" here take one"  while smothering sweet melting butter all over that fluffy piping hot freshly grilled flour tortilla.

Oh how wonderful mmm !! I thought to myself "how lucky I was to be eating a freshly grilled flour tortilla with butter !  Back in those days , mass produced tortilla products weren't readily  available, everything  took time, crafted slowly, with patience..

As a young boy , I'd experience my grandmother love in the form of her fabulous dishes ,  I was memorized by her way she would handle, meats trimming away chunks of beef , or  stuffing the Thanksgiving turkey  carving , slicing , chopping  vegetables,   or baking ,  the wonderful aromas of her home would bring joy to my soul , "ahh grandma that smells wonderful,  I would say.

She would then respond in Spanish, "come sit down ,"

Nena had a way of bringing our entire family and friends together during the holidays ,  as a young child I couldn't wait for Thanksgiving or Christmas , during the school year,  I would daydream about being in grandma's kitchen , folks would flock from all over during the holidays everyone within our family wanted to spend the holidays at Nenas home...aunts,  uncles ,cousins,  old folks , babies and family friends including the dogs.

We celebrated her hand crafted traditional Mexican food  classics , carne asada tacos , delicious chicken  enchiladas,, tamales in various varieties,  seafood  dishes , delicious  burritos, spicy pozole mexican soup, herbed Mexican steamed rice, refried beans,  cheesy quesadillas, taco  salads ,  fresh spicy guacamole, colorful pico de gallo, homemade breads, and of course those fire roasted salsa recipes that always complimented her entrees

We celebrated her cuisine as a family until she went home to be with the Lord in 2015 .

As a chef I keep her food, her recipes, her joy,  and spirit alive thru my love of food...I share with all my guest and friends  the same flavors, the same aromas , the same techniques, same ingredients,  I grew up watching grandma cook with can be enjoyed at our location or in your home or your event.