Street Tacos

"Street Tacos." Delicious handcrafted soft tacos. These artisan crafted  tacos are stuffed with your choice of perfectly marinaded  grilled sirloin steak ( carne asada ) or try a house favorite " citrus based marinaded juicy grilled chicken. " ( pollo asado)
These tacos are wrapped up in your choice of gluten free soft corn tortillas, or try them "California style." Wrapped in flour tortillas, topped with fresh sweet onions,  chopped aromatic cilantro,  garnished with red radishes,  and lime wedges.
Served with a generous portion of Nena's Mexican herbed    steamed rice, and zesty refried beans with melted queso and a side of fire roasted salsa fresca.


Beef, Carne Asada, Chicken, Pollo Asada, Street Tacos

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Hours – October 2021
“El Gigante” Super Burrito

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