Chef Antonio Sule

I grew up watching grandma cook with  ... "Nena" (my grandmother) shares  the responsibly of  inspiring and igniting my passion for cooking while birthing a 30 year career and going strong,  a true genuine love for cuisine, sharing my joy in cooking.

As an  extremely well rounded professional chef , rich in Mexican tradition , I also share a deeply rooted fine dining, and American casual dining resume'..   an award winning truly humble chef " ...the recipient of "" "Service of Excellence Award 2012" out of  Tucson. Az ." (2nd place)  The Polish Cottage ( eastern European cuisine) I competed  against  "hundreds" of restaurants and great experienced chefs within the great state of Arizona...  

I humbly bring my style of cooking and share it with my community and with all my friends .

As an ambassador with Operation Jesus Christ Evangelistic Ministry International, of which I am a former a board member seated 2010-2015 and currently still fully ordained licensed Minister within this wonderful organization, I am involved with prison ministry,  inner city outreach, gang intervention programs..

Now in Point Roberts, our new "Nena's Mexican Grill"!!
It is our desire is to cater year round,  serving all of our local residents, tourist and our working class , catering your family or local events as needed , all while competing with great restaurants in a already crowded market within Canada and the surrounding areas..

It's our hearts desire to  complement our own and diverse culinary arena here in Point Robert's made of wonderful restaurants and talented chef's  challenging us all to attract folks from surrounding areas and bring much needed revenue Point Robert's economy making us a great destination for food, family and fun  we as hospitality owners ! I'm eager to create great paying  jobs and a wonderful unique working  environment and sponsoring local charities.

Our location in the International Marketplace
I have negotiated a wonderful deal with our dear friend **Ali ** owner of the International Market Place.. I publicly say "Thank You" Ali for embracing my vision , and believing in something good for our community,

I would agree,  lots of us are indeed grateful for helping us all navigate thru such a dark season in our community covid really brought so much sadness to us all ,  Ali  you blessed us greatly! Kudos to and your entire family of employees at the  market place. You assured us week in week out that we were  able to have food on our tables as you too struggled to keep your business a float .  We will bounce back stronger than ever and celebrate the goodness that makes our community a very special place to live !
To our community and friends, I say thank you ! To my friends here in Point Robert's "you inspired me to make my dream come true! I am forever grateful  Gracias amigos! And as a man of tremendous faith I publicly thank a loving and merciful God who has blessed me beyond words and given me favor within this community,  thank you Lord you are awesome!!  

I'm eager to bring you high quality both "Mexican and American"  comfort food to our beautiful community,  we will keep you all posted as we move forward with this multicultural project thank you all for your prayers.

Chef Antonio Sule